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Sun 10/11

Love and Rockets

Eli Navarro
Spainvo: es
sub: fren
Sao Sopheak
sub: fren
A beautiful, inspiring and unprejudiced portrayal of a lesbian couple in a small Cambodian community, their daily lives taking care of children in their village, and their engagement in the struggle for marriage equality in their country.
Filip Gieldon
2013Polandvo: pl
sub: fren
After an alcohol-induced night out, Emilia, 20, wakes up in an unknown apartment next to another woman, Matylda, 32, who claims they slept with each other.
Lauren Wolkstein
2012Francevo: enfr
sub: fr
A mysterious American girl crashes Chloe’s 18th birthday party. She intends not to miss out on anything and will go from one surprise to the next…
Pei-Ju Hsieh
Taiwan, Province of China
sub: fren
The young Wang Li spends her days in the woods with her friend the Knight. But today she will have to face every tomboy’s nightmare…
Irene lives in an isolated house in the country. When her granddaughter shows up for an unexpected visit, along with a new friend, Irene’s isolation is disturbed and she begins to unveil feelings she thought were forgotten.

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