Sat. 08/11/2014 - 19:00
Cinema Nova


Panos Koutras
vo: el
sub: fren
After the death of their Albanian mother, two brothers - the completely crazy Dany and paragon of triumphant virility Ody - set off on a journey in search of a father who is the only one who can get them Greek nationality and their papers in order. After the sublime « Stella », a transgressive ode to filial love, Panos Koutras brings us an epic odyssey, filled with chivalrous souls but also with fascist brutes quick to beat up fags and foreigners. Making a splash at the last Cannes Film Festival, “Xenia” burns with a feeling that is both social and political as also sensual and joyful, constantly looking for inventive solutions to move this tale of sex and carnal learning forward, emulating the spirit of resourcefulness that takes its heroes through a crisis-stricken country.

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