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Fri 13/11

The Amina Profile

Sophie Deraspe
Canadavo: enfr
sub: fren
What begins as an online flirtation between two women, Sandra from Montréal and Amina, a Syrian-American living in Damascus, quickly moves beyond the intimate and reaches unexpected heights when Sandra encourages Amina to launch a blog called ' A Gay Girl in Damascus'. The blog quickly attracts world-wide attention. When the Syrian uprising reaches its height, Amina suddenly disappears. Very worried, Sandra embarks on a journey to find her lover from Montreal to Istanbul, Tel Aviv and Chicago. An incredible documentary with the allure of a political thriller.
Joanna Arnow
United Statesvo: en
sub: frnl
A room in New York : Isabel shags whilst her room-mate Joanna watches uninvited, commenting or simply chit-chatting against a completely delirious backdrop.

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