Fri. 27/05/2016 - 19:00
Cinema Nova

But I'm a Cheerleader

Jamie Babbit
United States
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Megan (the highly lesbian-friendly Natasha Lyonne aka Nicky in Orange is the New Black) is a vegetarian, has a poster of Melissa Etheridge in her room and doesn't really like to kiss her boyfriend with tongue. So her entourage quickly sends her to a centre for re-education towards heterosexuality which loves to reinforce blue for boys and pink for girls. The fact that she is a cheerleader in a mini-skirt and is dating the captain of the football team doesn't really count ! But things are not that simple... A hilarious comedy about the rules of heterosexuality and gender. For all of us who just cannot manage to rid ourselves of this bad habit called homosexuality or who have a tough time with heteronormativity ! Shot in flashy colours with highly « camp » actors (including Ru Paul in one of his rare male appearances), this is an irresistible cult film that begs to be watched and re-watched.

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