Sat. 12/11/2016 - 19:00
Cinema Nova


Sara Jordenö
United StatesSweden
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In New York City, LGBTQ youth of colour gather together out on Christopher Street Pier, practicing Ballroom, a performance based art form. Twenty five years after 'Paris is Burning', a very new and different generation of LGBTQ youth have formed an artistic and activist subculture, the Kiki scene. The movie follows 7 powerful and unique characters from the Kiki Community over the course of 4 years, using their flamboyant performances at events named Kiki Balls. Those balls offer the performers a safe and empowered environment which enables them to enact various modes of gender expression and which differs a lot from the world from where they originate, one marked by homelessness, illness en prejudice. Through their spectacular performances they obtain greater political influence by affirming gender expression. A must see !
Lance Mc Daniel
United States
Dance as an expression of solidarity& or maybe more, between two cuties excluded by their peers.

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En collaboration avec 'Les Identités du Baobab-Festival Massimadi'

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