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Cinema Nova

Top of the shorts

Ian Garrido
vo: es
sub: fren
Mari lives in a small village with her mother and her girlfriend. But the anonymity of the nearby town allows her to be more at ease with the image reflected in her mirror.
Chabname Zariab
vo: fa
sub: fren
Samane is a 'batcha', or beardless boy, who dances for his master to whom he also provides sexual services. Until one day, when a very young boy is recruited to replace him, and he discovers the fragility of his situation...
Athletes get older, in spite of their glorious past. Yet love remains, strong and tender. However one cannot always control the inevitable, nor the encounters that ensue from this.
Ingrid, 67 years, proud and beautiful, victim of cancer, locks herself up at home. Visits from the domestic help mark the rhythm of her days, until Frida knocks on her door...
Carlo Lavagna
vo: it
sub: fren
'It is me, Arianna. The day of my operation the doctors told my parents not to worry. It was a simple procedure.'

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