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Tue 14/11

Les Garçons Sauvages

Bertrand Mandico
Francevo: fr
sub: en
Under their soft androgyny, five passionate and unruly teenagers commit a ferocious monstrosity. Chased and put under the sadistic custody of the Captain, they live through a rough voyage at sea, while spying on the tattooed sex of their disturbing mentor. Disembarking on a mysterious island where fruits resemble genitalia, which they consume and become inebriated by, these wild boys will gradually mutate and transform. Toying with gender fluidity, this erotic and esoteric hallucination, adapted from W. Burroughs, is perfectly aligned with the film poems of K. Anger or G. Maddin while peeping on Fassbinder's Quarrel.

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In presence of Anaël Snoek

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