Tue. 14/11/2017 - 19:30
Cinema Aventure


Fernando Guzzoni
vo: es
sub: fren
Jesús, 18 years old, lives with his father, a widower, in Santiago de Chile. He divides his time between K-pop (Korean pop) competitions and alcohol-fueled outings, leaving him with little time to study . One night, Jesús and his group get out of control in a park and everything changes dramatically for the youngster who desperately seeks the help of his father - something he has not really done so far. The two main actors, young Nicolás Durán, an androgynous beauty, and in the father's role Alejandro Goic, director Pablo Larraìn's (El Club, Neruda) favourite actor, are filmed up close in a magnificent chiaroscuro revealing the dark side of adolescence. A powerful and puzzling film, that is desperately human.

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In presence of Fernando Guzzoni

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Cinema Aventure

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