Wed. 15/11/2017 - 19:00
Cinema Nova

Sex and the Silver Gays + Diadème, martinet et sentiments

Todd VerowCharles Lum
United States
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“Sex & The Silver Gays” tells the unusual story of the NYPrimeTimers, a group of elderly men in New York. Amidst their flurry of elderly activities, the monthly sex party is the most popular. These octogenarian orgy lovers invite us to their intimate gathering, to explicitly illustrate their sexual activities and tell us their story : who they are ; the reasons why they take part in these gatherings ; and the happiness they feel to live and share moments of intense sexual pleasure, that they all hope will last as long as possible.
To be free. What is that ? How many people have you slept with and how many have you loved ? Would you be able to stay with a person you love but who does not satisfy you sexually ? You too should answer to this quiz that mixes laughter, reflection and poetry, and questions our relationship with sex and love.

The screening

In presence of Charles Lum, Natacha Hubaut & Sophie Kaczynski & Charles Sauvion
{{In partnership with SexPositiveBelgium.}}

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