Mon. 12/11/2018 - 18:30

L'amour debout

Michaël Dacheux
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Standup love 

Leah and Martin are separated. Back in Toulouse they were lovers, and in an attempt to win her back, Martin goes to see Leah in Paris, but in vain. Through the four seasons portrayed on screen, each of them moves towards their own maturity. This journey is narrated to us in the film by means of falsely simple conversations set against a vast Paris, with its modern, but not overbearing, architecture. The two actors are remarkable in their freshness and their hesitations, one in her role as a guileless woman reluctant to be in love with "an older man"; the other with his somewhat clumsy movements, which make him seem more like a boy! To film these young people, it was necessary to have an elegant setting with no supporting effects that would leave spectators free to their emotions, free to be carried away by the musicality of the film and to find themselves through the memories of their own youth, like in all great coming-of-age novels.


Michaël Dacheux (réalisateur)
Pascal Cervo (Acteur)

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