Mon. 16/11/2020 - 19:00
Cinema Nova

Les nouvelles guérillères

By protesting, glueing strong messages in the streets, organising bike "rides" through town, and even by decolonising mentalities through art... Whether alone or as a collective, these women* activists are fighting inequalities based on gender, racism and sexism within the urban space. To each their own action and at their own level, they call out the prevailing patriarchy and suggest alternative egalitarian ways of living together, in a territory where nobody would be invisibilised or depreciated. Fourth-wave feminism is taking over Brussels so no sister will be alone in public space again. 

*the term "women" refers to people identifying as a woman or who recognise themselves in this identity

In attendance of director Elisa Vandekerckhove and a variety of collectives.

Bodies like oceans
KC Cory
United States
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sub: fr

Revealing the beauty of bodies, that's what Shoog McDaniel's enchanting work is about. The photographer is a self-defined "queer fat southern freak". 


Elisa Vandekerckhove (Réalisatrice)

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