Pink Screens Screenings
Wednesday, November 18, 2020 - 19:30


Azul Vazante
Julia Alquéres
Brazilvo: pt
sub: fren

A mother looks for her son in a hospital bed. She finds her daughter instead. Among shores and tides, blue leaks from the core.

Moonlight People
Dmitri Frolov
Russian Federation

On a moonlit night, a group of young people confess their sexual fantasies to each other in a lavish black and white experimental film somewhat reminiscent of the golden age of Soviet cinema. 

Diego Paulino
Brazilvo: pt-br
sub: fr

Between melanin and faraway planets, NEGRUM3 dives into Black identities and explores how diaspora children relate to space.

Cuando el Niño Andrógino
Melina Pafundi
ArgentinaGermanyvo: de
sub: fren

A child speaks of their androgyny as they recount their experience as a bilingual refugee, while forever remaining a stranger by being neither a woman nor a man.


This day won
Mouaad el Salem
BelgiumTunisiavo: ar
sub: fren

A day that could be a life. A nightmare that could also be a dream. In Tunisia -and perhaps it could be elsewhere- on the border between the necessity and the fear of making a film, the necessity and the fear of revolution, how can you think about the future when you cannot be yourself?

Les Derniers Paradis
Sido Lansari
FranceMoroccovo: fr
sub: en
This remarkably orchestrated almost-true-story paints the intimate portrait of Sami, an idealist young man who is also lucid about the exotic fantasy he arouses.

The screening

This off-the-beaten-path session focuses on boldness and innovation. Whilst cinema is a code-riddled space for expression, it is also a space for creation and freedom, which allows artists to play with images and sound, and make queer and dissident voices heard. These 6 short films are living proof of that. The Xperimental session combines self-assertiveness, revolution and uprising. It will awaken you to your senses and to your very existence in this world. 

- Azul vazante - BR - 2018 - 15'

- Cuando el niño andrógino - AR/DE - 2019 - 9'

- Les derniers paradis - FR/MA - 2020 - 14'

- Moonlight People - RU - 2019 - 14'

- NEGRUM3 - BR - 2018 - 22'

- This day won’t last - BE/TN - 2020 - 25'

Practical information


Galerie de la Reine 26
1000 Bruxelles