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A primeira morte de Joana

A Primeira Morte de Joana
Cristiane Oliviera
vo: pt-br
sub: frennl

The wind is blowing across the South of Brazil. 13-year-old Joana has just lost her great-aunt. Her death leaves many questions unanswered, with perhaps the most intriguing being, why she never had a boyfriend. Was it bravery or cowardice? With her best friend by her side, Joana starts to question the rigid injunctions she finds in her family, and her investigation will embark her on a journey of self-discovery that will shape her desires, her refusals, and her bravery. Through the novice eyes of a child, Joana positions herself against social norms, as she observs, feels and decides to create her own universe. And so the wind continues to blow - but with greater freedom…

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