Mon. 15/11/2021 - 21:30

After blue

After Blue
Bertrand Mandico
vo: enfrpl
sub: fren

Against a lush backdrop of post-apocalyptic "fantasy" that copulates here with the Western, a naive young woman nicknamed Toxic (a sort of young bleach blonde Maria Schneider) goes through all the spells unleashed by a witch-killer, Kate Bush, who is soon hunted by the heroine and her mother Zora.

This second feature film by Bertrand Mandico (after Les Garçons Sauvages), with its asserted artisanal magnificence and Sapphic fetishism, sometimes makes you smile, but is nonetheless captivating. It offers a haunting resonance with "the world after", this new commonplace that the pandemic has bequeathed to our societies, which are more concerned than ever with their own demise, and that of our broken down planet.

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