Fri. 17/11/2023 - 19:00
Cinema Aventure

C'est l'amour

Paul Vecchiali
vo: fr

Odile suspects Jean, her husband, of cheating on her. She decides to return the favor and accomplishes her revenge in the arms of Daniel who shares Albert's life. An irrepressible, unexpected and tragic love is born between Odile and Daniel... All these characters cross paths, attract each other, repel each other, in a mechanism of out-of-tune and fiery desires. If the structure of the film evokes La Ronde, it is to another Ophuls film, Madame de that the film refers, a film where we die of love, as in C'est l'amour. We also think of The Unknown by the Lake by Alain Guiraudie, which Vecchiali enjoys pastiching here in a mischievous, even mocking, way. At once lyrical, exalted, fanciful, anachronistic and very contemporary.


Malik Saad
Pascal Cervo (actor)

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