Mon. 15/11/2021 - 19:30
Cinema Aventure


Tamar Shavgulidze
vo: ka
sub: fren

Many years have passed since Irina and Nana were separated by circumstances. But the memories of the warm summer evenings in Tbilisi have remained vivid. Thirty years later, Irina returns to the summer house of her youth, a place where Nana built her life and where she still lives with her daughter. The opportunity for both women to reconcile with their past... Absolutely remarkable, Tamar Shavgulidze's second feature film dissects human desires with a rare economy of means. Through the attention paid to the slightest vibration of faces, to the simmering emotions, as well as to the sounds of the surrounding nature, Cometas reveals the human soul in depth. A tender and magnetic work by two sublime actresses.

A visual symphony conducted by 8 elder women who reflect on different topics concerning the conception of their own bodies inside a patriarchal system that constantly attempts to possess them.
In between documentary and video art, [B]ELLAS successfully breaks the stereotype that conceives ageing women as vulnerable, dependent and pleasing beings through a vindication of their experience, bodies, capacities, wrinkles and beauty.

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