Sun. 12/11/2023 - 19:00
Cinema Nova

Drôles d'oiseaux

Balbuzards Pêcheurs
Louis Rebetez
vo: frpl
sub: fren

Jean & Michel go on a journey in the Clos du Doubs in search of a rare bird. During their wanderings, the couple crosses seasons at full speed, a certain amount of rivers and above all, ups and downs.

Jérôme Reybaud
vo: fr
sub: en

Eighteen-year-old Victor loses his parents in a car crash, three months before graduation. He’s taken in by his godfather Michel, a mysterious man who lives in the annex of a castle with his daughter Caroline, a young woman in her twenties.


End of summer on the Breton coast. Oscar invites his group of friends to spend a week's vacation at his grandparents' house. He hasn't been back to his childhood home for years - not since he came out as a trans boy. On the beach, the gang meets Malo, a handsome local guy, also trans. The story is about their meeting, which will turn everything upside down.


Jerôme Reybaud (filmmaker)
Pawel Thomas Larue (filmmaker)
Romeo Bertrand (producer)
Sasha Martelli (actor)

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