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La fracture

La fracture
Catherine Corsini
vo: fr
sub: en

An immersion film, spread out over the course of a frenzied night, La Fracture films its only setting, a Parisian hospital (completely overworked and obviously underfunded) as a theatre where small dramas and sketches are jostled around to the sound of slamming doors and screams. In particular those coming from Raf (Valeria Bruni Tedeschi), who is over-excited and high on drugs, the epitome of burlesque. She almost seems, at times, to be driving the film from within, dictating its movements according to her jagged moods.

The film also features the amazing Marina Fois as Raf's exasperated companion and the revelation Assiatou Diallo, who is sensational in her role as the care assistant. (according to Les Inrocks)

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