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Gabi, between ages 8 and 13

Gabi, between ages 8 and 13
Engeli Broberg
vo: ensv
sub: frnl

Gabi just wants to be Gabi and is not interested in fitting into the mould of gender norms: everyone should be treated the same, be able to wear the clothes they like, be free to choose their activities or haircuts. This has never really been a problem for her, but it creates a sense of difference. In the form of a time capsule addressed to "Gabi from the future", the film tenderly captures the discovery of 5 pre-adolescent years with their hopes and questions. Gabi grows up simply asserting the right to be who you are!

Mehrdad Hassani
Iran, Islamic Republic of
vo: fa
sub: fren

Shahrokh, an effeminate nine-year-old boy, humiliated and rejected by his village, decides to put on a dress to go to school.

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