Thu. 10/11/2022 - 19:30
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Les Meilleures

Les Meilleures
Marion Desseigne Ravel
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"On a wall in my neighbourhood there was a tag: The first one to fall in love loses. It's true. Because afterwards, everyone talks about you and you're at the mercy. I lost. I'm in love with a girl, I don't know what to do..." Les Meilleures (Besties) is the story of the thwarted love between two young girls in the suburbs who belong to two rival gangs. A seductive and somewhat risky project, as it is so delicate to film irresistible emotions, budding love, prevented and attacked by the rest of society, in this case "the city". Both a "teen movie" and a "suburban film", Les Meilleures tackles themes such as diversity, the working classes and homosexuality with candour and tenderness in a lyrical and realistic love story, full of rage and fervour.

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