Sat. 13/11/2021 - 19:30

No straight lines. The rise of queer comics

If there are no queer heros to be found, then they must be created. In this regard, the comic strip genre is probably one the most accessible and creative arts. A pencil and paper (and the cellar of a Karate club for women!), that's all Mary Wings needed back in 1973 when she created the first lesbian Comic Strip. Much like Rupert Kinnard - creator of the first Black and gay superhero - these LGBTQI+ authors are the creators of deep, innovative and unbridled pieces of art on all kinds of subjects: AIDS, marriage, race, gender, etc.

With the appearance of Alison Bechdel (known for Fun Home, Dykes To Watch Out For, and Are You My Mother?) this documentary goes BAM! CRUNCH! RIP! TEAR! MMMH!, and tells of the magic of the 9th art as a pioneer of queer pop culture.

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