Fri. 11/11/2022 - 21:30

So damn easy going

So damn easy going
Christoffer Sandler
vo: sv
sub: fren

Joanna lives in a constant state of motion. Whether she is talking or eating, cycling or making love, she is in motion! Suffering from intense ADHD, she only finds peace by swimming.... Having no money, she uses unorthodox tricks to get her precious medication. Without it, it is almost impossible to control her behaviour and it is at an intense moment of crisis that she meets the charming and loyal Audrey. Desperate but undeniably drawn to her, Joanna must find the strength to stop fretting and solve all her problems to move forward. A beautiful coming-of-age story with a bittersweet romance between two girls.


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Galerie de la Reine 26
1000 Bruxelles

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