Samedi, juin 9, 2018 - 18:00

Genres d'à Côté: Le bar!

Queer Open Mic#8: Inner Child + Workshop

For the first collaboration between Genres d'à Côté / Pink Screens Film Festival and Guerrilla Resistance, we are asking you to get in touch with your inner child and let your feelings run free in the always cozy atmosphere of Rainbowhouse ? The doors for the open mic will be open at 20:30 and everyone, regardless of language, gender, background, is invited to participate with original or published texts, in any format that respect the 5 minute time slot we have for everyone ? Before the open mic, Guerrilla Resistance will be facilitating a creative writing workshop on the 1st floor of Rainbowhouse, also focusing on the theme of 'Inner Child Freedom', which we hope will get you some inspiration and material to share later in the open mic and in our Guerrilla Resistance website! The workshop starts at 18:30 and has the approximate duration of 2 hours, with a small break in the middle. Come prepared with a pen, some paper, and open hearts and minds ? Remember to register for workshop here!

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