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Manuel Abramovich
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When he's not working at a factory, Lalo is an Argentinian sex-influencer who stages himself naked for his thousands of followers. Following a casting session, he became a porn actor, playing Emiliano Zapata in a film inspired by the Mexican revolution. Pornomelancolía is a concentration of (implicit) porn and (explicit) melancholy, first dissociated then combined as the repetitive nature of his 'serial fucker' device takes hold. And although Lalo is not an immigrant worker (like Fassbinder's Ali), Pornomelancolía gives rise to a similar sensation of inner exile, his isolation leaving him alienated from the world around him and from himself, as he belongs to a parallel proletariat, a sex worker, a gay man, mediatised by the virtual, plunging him into dark moods. The originality of Pornomelancolía lies in the indeterminacy of knowing what is reality and what is fiction, in the way Abramovich sucks everything out of Lalo's life and work, even his presence in the world.

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