Thu. 17/11/2016 - 20:30

Distortions @ Beurs

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A state that terrorizes a population. Women who disappear without a trace. When one witnesses - or is oblivious - to history repeating itself.
Kristin Li
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In China, everyone knows the tale of the two ghost-snakes who come into the world of mortals in the bodies of two women. But it can also be interpreted in multiple ways : communist propaganda, queer identity construction or the expression of an uprooting.
Spermwhore is a queer experimental film about unwanted childlessness in a world where normative heterosexual relationships dictate who can become parents and in what way. When it comes to reproduction our merciless bodies reduce us merely to a set sex or given gender. But the longing for children is not limited to our bodies, and the possibility of pregnancy can be shared and undertaken together !
Portrait of men in Tokyo, questioning racial preferences within gay life, reflecting upon erotic encounters and the role of the white western outsider.
About mature women, encounters, gentlemen and etiquette.
A colourful mix of testimonials from people who talk openly about their bodies and the way they relate to nudity as they flirt with the director.
Biometrics and facial recognition technologies reinforce racist, sexist and homophobic standards. A direct call to resistance !
Andrew or Abigail ? Andrew AND Abigail. A. Liparoto investigates the construction of identity and gender in this filmed performance.

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