Fri. 12/11/2021 - 23:30
Cinema Nova

Équation à un inconnu

24 hours in the shoes of a biker, complete with stadiums in working-class suburbs surrounded by tall grey towers, and punctuated by the encounter of a gas station attendant, cold-night rides, orgies in the locker rooms and masturbation in the early hours of the morning. The everyday life of pinball-playing yobs who live in a mutating universe which we know will be ruthless come morning.

Filmed in the manner of first-wave gay porn, this unique piece is Francis Savel's ultimate masterpiece, where the embrace of working-class mechanics become a visual opera, traced with popular poetic realism and the radicalism of the new homosexual front, in pursuit of complete freedom. (sic Hervé Joseph Lebrun)

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Cinema Nova

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