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A Primeira Morte de Joana
Cristiane Oliviera
vo: pt-br
sub: frennl

The wind is blowing across the South of Brazil. 13-year-old Joana has just lost her great-aunt. Her death leaves many questions unanswered, with perhaps the most intriguing being, why she never had a boyfriend. Was it bravery or cowardice? With her best friend by her side, Joana starts to question the rigid injunctions she finds in her family, and her investigation will embark her on a journey of self-discovery that will shape her desires, her refusals, and her bravery. Through the novice eyes of a child, Joana positions herself against social norms, as she observs, feels and decides to create her own universe. And so the wind continues to blow - but with greater freedom…

Colors of Tobi
Alexa Bakony
vo: hu
sub: fren

16-year-old Tobi are lucky enough to have grown up in a family where listening, tenderness, honesty and empathy are key - lucky according to their friends anyways, as a queer person in the ultra-conservative and transphobic Hungary under the Orban regime. From their home village to effervescent Budapest, Tobi questions labels. By intimitely observing and ultimately diving right into a fascinating progression, Colors of Tobi  is above all a portrait of a wonderful mother and father who bravely and fiercely liberate themselves from the prisons of their minds. This documentary is a tribute to the vibrant and warm colours of humans.

Tamar Shavgulidze
vo: ka
sub: fren

Many years have passed since Irina and Nana were separated by circumstances. But the memories of the warm summer evenings in Tbilisi have remained vivid. Thirty years later, Irina returns to the summer house of her youth, a place where Nana built her life and where she still lives with her daughter. The opportunity for both women to reconcile with their past... Absolutely remarkable, Tamar Shavgulidze's second feature film dissects human desires with a rare economy of means. Through the attention paid to the slightest vibration of faces, to the simmering emotions, as well as to the sounds of the surrounding nature, Cometas reveals the human soul in depth. A tender and magnetic work by two sublime actresses.

César Sodero
vo: es
sub: fren

After a difficult break up with her girlfriend, Emilia leaves the city to return to her mother's village somewhere in Patagonia. Her mother isn't overjoyed about Emilia's return, as it disrupts her peaceful existence. Upset, Emilia tries to decide how she wants to carry on with her life. In her uncertain quest, she reconnects with her ex-fiancé, who is married to her best friend. She also develops a strong attraction to a young woman attending the school where she teaches gym, which might broaden her perspectives. Emilia will have to deal with this internal and external chaos, in a familiar yet unknown environment. Will she confront the chaos, or succomb to it? The line that separates the two is a fine one. 

Jose Enrique Tiglao
vo: entl
sub: fren

14-year-old Adam has been living in a bubble as a rowdy, marginalised, withdrawn but creative, passionate and curious teen. When puberty hits and blood suddenly stains his shorts, his desires and identity emerge, as he finds himself facing the unknown, whilst his religious parents, doctrinal physicians and even his free-spirited friend battle with their own prejudices. Metamorphosis is the first Philipino film to focus on the experience of being an intersex person. This coming-of-age film addresses the topic with poetry, and offers a vibrant, realistic and sensual immersion in the universe of this terribly endearing teenager.


Oliver Hermanus
South AfricaUnited Kingdom
vo: afen
sub: frnl

The year is 1981 and the Apartheid reigns in South Africa. Like all White boys over the age of sixteen, Nicholas must complete two years of compulsory military service at the South-Angolan border to defend the Apartheid regime against the communist threat and “die swart gevaar” ("the Black danger"). But that’s not the only danger Nicholas faces. He must also survive the brutality of the army and deny allegations of being a "moffie" (weak, effeminate, illegal - a faggot in fact), which becomes even more difficult when sparks fly between him and a fellow recruit. Oliver Hermanus paints an intense portrait of a young White man as he confronts an extremely violent form of homophobia within an environment led by toxic masculinity. This film does not spare us from the murderous and sinister insanity of the infamous Apartheid regime.

Poppy Field
Eugen Jebeleanu
vo: enfrro
sub: fren

Cristi, a young policeman from Bucharest, lives his homosexuality out of the sight of his colleagues. He has a long-term relationship with Hadi, who lives in another town. The same day Hadi comes to visit him, Cristi is called in for an intervention in a cinema, where a fascist group has sabotaged the screening of a queer film. When one of the cinephiles recognizes Cristi, the tension takes on explosive proportions. Using a camera that is generous in long takes, this debut feature by Eugen Jebeleanu embodies a divided and distressing contemporary Romania.

Zaida Bergroth
vo: enfisv
sub: frnl

A deep-dive into the little known life of Tove Jansson (Alma Pöysti), the legendary Finnish cartoon strip artist and creator of the Moomins - little hippopotamus-like characters loved by children and adults alike across the world.

In her consciously targeted biopic, Zaida Bergroth highlights the extravagance of Post-War Swedish Intelligentsia, and captures the unpredictable love life of this bisexual artist, centering the film around Tove's sulphurous affair with femme fatale Vivica Bandler (Krista Kosonen), a married woman of the stage. How can one be free, as an artist who is in love, at a time when society is still unenclined to support diversity and equality?

Vento Seco
Daniel Nolasco
vo: pt-br
sub: fren

Sandro, a bear in his forties, lives surrounded by puzzles and fantasies. Between his after-work appointments with the beautiful Ricardo and his greedy thoughts towards the tarzan of the Maicon pools, dream and reality mix... A kitsch neon fable about the quest of love, located in a little shown Brazil, very far from the beaches of Rio. The fetishes overflow there: leather, cruising, BDSM, close-ups on super tight trunks... But Vento Seco is also embodied in social reality. It tells of intergenerational homosexuality in a working class environment, and has three transgender actors portray the roles of cisgender characters. A tropical Tom of Finland.

Wet Sand
Elene Naveriani
vo: ka
sub: fren

In this melodrama on the coast of the Black Sea, Eliko, an old and timid man, who was not widely liked by his neighbours, has committed suicide. His granddaughter Moe, a young woman from the capital, is called in to arrange his funeral. She finds support in Amnon, the beach bar tender who seems to have known Eliko better than one would think, and in Fleshka, the other "quirky" character in the village. Together, they form a complex and touching trio as they face the bigotry of a community rooted in toxic conformism.

This film is Elene Naveriani's second feature, a poetic Georgian ode to resistance to anti-LGBT discourses.

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