Sat. 11/11/2023 - 20:30

Pink Ulysses

Pink Ulysses
Eric De Kuyper
vo: deen
sub: frnl

Homer tells us how Ulysses’ wife Penelope used to weave Laertes’ shroud. The work she did by day she unravelled by night. That process was not dissimilar to the creation and production of Pink Ulysses. Gradually images (collected here and there, also from film classics) and well and lesser known music created a texture of sight and sound, resulting in a variation on Ulysses. Perhaps Penelope began to love her son more than her distant, absent husband? And possibly Ulysses began to love the “ideal Penelope” he recognized in magical Circe more than his wife, who would be waiting for him in Ithaca? Perhaps… and the imagination lingers on… How this materializes in a film, a fabric, is Pink Ulysses’ secret. An exploration, an adventurous wandering.


Eric De Kuyper (filmmaker)

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Rue A. Orts 20-28