The explosive Pink Screens Film festival is back to the screen of the NOVA!

This year’s edition proposes numerous world premieres and previews, from the opening, two sensual and breathtaking films: an unconventional love story set in Peru in ContraCorriente and lesbian adventures in the 19th century with Anne Lister.

Come and meet the most uncanny characters: the rebellious Edie & Théa, the couple in the magnificent La Bocca del Lupo, the porn-star François Sagat in the torrid L.A. Zombies and Homme au bain, the hilarious lesbian couple in The Kids are All Right or, last but not least, the two glowing children in The Last Summer of la Boyita.

More than ever before, the films tackle homosexuality, trans-identity, inter-sexuality, homo-sociality and raise identity, normative and emotional issues without forgetting the mid-night sessions and their quirky look at pornography, but it is the work of two cinematographers that weave the pink threads of this year’s edition.

The American movie director Barbara Hammer, who writes, directs and produces her own films, documentaries and autobiographies herself. Marginal, often experimental, her films were awarded numerous prizes, enabling her to continue to explore female sexuality, retrace a lesbian memory and celebrate the ’queer’ lifestyle. We are honoured to welcome her to the screening of the mythic Nitrate Kisses.

Daniel Schmid, Swiss director, author of a total of 13 films, he is one of the major cinematographers of the German Nouvelle Vague together with Fassbinder, Schroeter and Wenders. A neglected genius, his work is nothing but remarkable. L’Ombre des Anges and Le Chat qui pense (documentary retracing his career path) will both be screened.

An excellent festival to you all!