This year Pink Screens turns 18! Coming of age? Possibly. The age of rebellion, most definitely!

Emphasizing resistance while focusing on the struggles of LGBTQI, feminist, and minority groups confronted by extremism, nationalism, fascism, and authoritarian political parties, we’re showing our rebellious side! In considering this context, Pink Screens focuses on Italy with 4 feature-length films. In their own way, each selected movie expresses an opposition to macho, intolerant, and xenophobic politics led by Italy’s current government coalition – which we’re glad to soon say, “addio!”

In addition to joining forces, this Pink Screens is an opportunity to discuss important issues with our “gueulantes,” / political debates.

We will also touch on the theme of …”prison,” both as a place of confinement and social control, and how the fantasy of these single-sex universes inspire filmmakers – from Genet to sexploitation films. In addition, the festival will introduce movies focused on teenage rebellion (“The Miseducation of Cameron Post”), sensitive boys (“Matthias and Maxime” by Xavier Dolan), aging and ever affectionate lovers (“Two of Us” with the wonderful Barbara Sukowa, Fassbinder’s Lola), techies with a touch of queer (“Transgeek”), nagging aunts (“Yours in Sisterhood”), and football players (“Hoy Partido a las 3”). On the short film front, there are lots of nuggets to dive into, including the now classic screening, “Made in Belgium,” and a series of animated films.

Pink Screens will also have a Brazilian side ("The Circo of Drag"), a poetic performance by Said Jaafari (inspired by Justin Torres' novel "Animal Life"), an exhibition to beat all exhibitions, parties to let your hair down, and guests galore!

Sadly, after 10 days together, we will have to say our goodbyes, so come shake your body to the rhythmic beats of the not-to-be-missed Pink Night. And don't forget, you are all still gorgeously beautiful!

Pink Screens 2019 Trailer (Brussels, Belgium) from Pink Screens on Vimeo.

Focus Resistance

All over the world, political parties, lead mostly by white men, working to dismantle protections for minority groups, are coming to power. The question remains – "How to resist?" With this challenge focus, we say “no to hatred," while enabling activists – allowing them to be heard.

In “Dicktatorship: macho made in Italy,” a gay couple humorously uses naivety as a weapon to humorously attack sexism in Italian politics. With “Indianara,” we are shown a trans activist working alongside Marielle Franco in Brazil, a country where the determination and energy of despair comes face to face with violence. The film “Sidney and Friends,” highlights actions undertaken by trans and intergender people in Kenya. On a more intimate level, “Billie and Emma” tells the story of struggle and tenacity in the name of love and freedom of two teenage girls in the conservative Philippines. Finally, the joyous “TerrorNullius” remixes familiar movies from Australian pop culture (“Crocodile Dundee,” Mad Max”) to deliver a queer, feminist and anti-nationalist fable.

Focus Prison

This year, the festival shows what’s inside the “prison” box. In El Principe, a fantasy world sorted by gender is confronted with violence occuring behind bars. The documentary Cárceles bolleras dismisses clichés about relationships between women in prison and underlines the place they hold within the heart of the prison system. Lastly, Cameron (The miseducation of Cameron Post) reveals what happens at homosexual conversation camp, while Yulia & Juliet depicts how confinement isn’t limited to the walls of prison.

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