This year is special as we celebrate our 10 year anniversary of queer, film-loving adventures!

Back in 2001, a team of enthusiastic volunteers created the Genres d’à côté film club at the Arenberg Cinema, where, each month, film goers can immerse themselves in the various issues surrounding gender: gay, lesbian, queer, trans, feminist…through an exploration of different sexualities and minority lifestyles. Encouraged by its success and a wish to explore our sexualities and identities, we launched the Pink Screens festival.

Each year, Pink Screens offers you ten days of pure pleasure, an abundance of films, exhibitions and parties, including our not-to-be-missed Pink Night closing party. Ten days to assault and deconstruct binary normality!

For this special anniversary, we offer you a varied programme full of surprises, with quirky films filled with tenderness and sensuality, fiction features and activist documentaries.

Welcome curious and adventurous!

Enjoy the festivall!

The Pink Team

Focus Beautiful Rebels

Our anniversary programme will feature rebels we have fallen head over heels for. Three screenings will be entirely devoted to films made by James Franco, the Hollywood star and queer artist. Circumstance portrays two young women in the face of the oppressive Iranian theocracy. A surprising documentary will paint the portrait of Bruce LaBruce, enfant terrible of underground trash cinema. We will also discover the “fabulous” world of the cult figure Genesis P-Orridge and his alter-ego, Lady Jaye. Finally, we will finish off in beauty, with Drew Barrymore and Juliette Lewis lacing up their roller skates to take us on a girl power ride through the explosive Whip it!!!

Focus Brasil

As part of Europalia Brazil Pink Screens will offer four special screenings devoted to this innovative and colourful film genre. For this original programming, we are pleased to team up with the cinema Arenberg by showing the legendary Pixote (1980) by Hector Babenco, a bold filmmaker who will be present to talk about this rare film. We will also present two new films never seen before films in Belgium : Como Esquecer de Malu by Martino (2010) and Os Famosos e os Duendes da Morte (2009) by Esmira Filho da Morte. Finally, a session of short films will be an opportunity to discover funny and moving queer treasures!

Focus James Franco

On one side, James Franco is a Hollywood actor on the rise (Planet of the Apes, Howl, 127 hours, Spider-Man, Milk). One the other side, he makes truly original films. Through several of his short films, two feature films (Sal and My Own Private River) and the experimental film he made with the video artist Carter. Pink Screens invite you to discover the essential elements of his work and his sources of inspiration: how actors play their role, the male body and the different facets of masculinity. James Franco is queer my dear ! So come out and see!

Genres d’à côté’s team


10/11 - 19/11/2011
Cinéma Nova